UKCT Quizzes

Create a school quiz from past UKCT competitions!

You can assemble a new quiz or class activity / homework by choosing from past questions.

Currently all past Bebras and OUCC competition questions are present as are the Turtle resource quizzes. We now have started adding PCTC and BIO questions to make a fantastic comprehensive resource for teachers!


Once you have made a quiz, you can share the URL to your students or to other teachers in your department.

Run each quiz in QUIZ MODE (students enter their names and teacher grades when ready to release results) or in PRACTICE MODE (immediate question by question feedback any time). Use Quiz Mode if you want to capture results more formally. Practice mode could be more useful for immediate homework feedback and you could instead ask students to screen-snip evidence of their work.

To get started with Quizzes you must be a BEBRAS COORDINATOR because the Quiz Platform lives on the Bebras site. Register as a Bebras School Coordinator if you are not one already.

visit quizzes platform on bebras admin

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