Online competition engine use extended

In exciting news, the online engine used by Bebras and OUCC is to also be used for PCTC from January 2021. In addition, BIO is also investigating the opportunity to make past competitions available on the same site for online practice and auto-marking.

This greater consistency between our competitions will ensure easier progression for students and teachers alike.

The system used is called Cuttle and is provided by a company owned by Eljakim Schrijvers. Eljakim has been the coach and delegation leader for The Netherlands Informatics Olympiad since 1994. He also serves as treasurer for the international committee of IOI. Eljakim runs the technical side of Bebras and various other STEM contests in over 30 countries and is the contest director for both the USA and The Netherlands. Eljakim lives close to Amsterdam.

The system can be used for many different types of STEM contests; for additional information please contact

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